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    Soldering Iron Guide

    The soldering iron is basically just a hot metal rod attached to a handle, the heated rod/pencil part of the soldering iron is used to melt solder (a wire made of lead usually) so that you can join circuits and wires together, first you need to remove the coating using wire strippers, then they can be joined with hot melted solder. There are a ton of different types of soldering irons, and picking the right one for your needs isn't always easy, so this article aims to help clarify this for those of you that need some help choosing one.


    There are plenty of important things that an electrician or electronics enthusiast needs to bare in mind when they're searching for the right soldering station. For instance, most soldering irons that are used in electronics need to be at least 5 watts (most are). This is because, the higher the wattage the better performance you get. They heat up faster, and go to a hotter maximum temperature if they're higher wattage. The low Watt irons also tend to lose their heat much more quickly, which can become quite inconvenient for you. So make sure that it has high Wattage!


    Soldering irons can be broadly grouped into a few different categories. We will take a look at each of these, as well as note what there specific use cases are. After reading through this guide you should have a solid idea what type you need for whatever work or hobbies you do. Soldering systems are the most high end type of soldering tool. They're usually only used in factories, or by professionals working in the electronics industry. They have more than just an iron, they have tweezers built in as well as de soldering tools.


    Soldering pencils, on the other hand are at the other end of the spectrum. Soldering pencils are the most basic design, they do just what you need and nothing more. They don't have any fancy extra features, or controls, so if you're on a tight budget and don't mind the lesser quality then these could be a good option for you.


    The usual "soldering stations" are a good mid point between functionality and low cost. They have all the features you need to get your work done if you're into circuitry, and they have a few extra features that make your job easier. Usually the stations have built in temperature control dials and switches which enable you to adjust the temperature of the tool on the go. This is extremely helpful, because depending on what it is you're working on you may need to adjust it. Overall, a good soldering station from Weller, hakko or another well known brand is perfect for most people. For more detailed soldering iron comparisons soldering expert is a great resource. Thank you for reading this guide, if it helped you, or if you want to add some additional advise please get in contact.








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